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essential information to work with dpm microsoft system - dpm reporting offers six standard reports that you can generate review and analyze these reports help you realize the full benefits of system center 2012 data protection manager dpm, deploy protection groups microsoft docs - deploy protection groups 3 5 2018 11 minutes to read contributors in this article a system center data protection manager dpm protection group is a collection of data sources such as volumes shares or application workloads which have common backup and restore settings, my dpm blog unable to configure protection for vmware vms - resolution i contacted the person who had created the snapshot and asked if it was ok for me to delete that snapshot then i logged onto the vsphere console and deleted the snapshot after that the configure protection job completed successfully and the replica creation could begin, scdpm change dead disk in dpm 2010 server fault - i was backuping data on an 1gb hard drive with dpm 2010 this disk died but i replace it with another 1gb hard drive but i don t find how to recreate data structure on this new drive from previous, mark inactive protected data active in dpm buchatech com - i have seen issues on dpm forums where others have recovered from dpm failures and their protected data becomes inactive or other issues such as the data suddenly becoming inactive on its own placing the data in a category named inactive protection for previously protected data, restore a server with bare metal recovery protection in - hi i hope you can help me with my problem i m in the testing stage using dpm 2012r2 in hopes to replace our platespin server the problem i m running into is that dpm would not give me an option to do bare metal protection on physical servers, system center vnext data protection manager error codes - this article summarizes error codes that may occur in system center vnext data protection manager, backup of enterprise data made easier with system center - in some cases for e g production server node shutdown due to power failure dpm file tracking filter gets corrupted which marks replica as inconsistent previously this required a consistency check to repair the corruption which could run into several hours or even days for large file server, replica tape reader positector rtr defelsko - digital spring micrometer accurately measures and records peak to valley surface profile height using testex press o film replica tape, adhesion testers positest at series defelsko - measures adhesion of coatings to metal wood concrete and other substrates revolutionary self alignment feature and pull rate indicator automatic and manual models available, john tom engine and model plans - rc plans home workshop projects model replica and steam engine plans radio control ship and boat plans including free downloads a collection of rc aircraft plans and blueprints free rc boat plans and rc and full size hovercraft plans, bowman h4855 prc 343 personal role radio - antenna the radio is designed to be worn on the non shooting shoulder and placed so that the antenna is above the top of the shoulder thus giving it a good field of view