Neurotically Yours The Complete Collection Volume 2 -

ill will press underground comic collection jonathan - ill will press underground comic collection jonathan ian mathers on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers rescued from almost certain destruction the rarest of rare ill will press comics have been preserved in this mighty collection some of these comics are so rare, bifurcated rivets eclectica for epopts volume 56 of - lindsay marshall s weblog volume 56 19 54 17 i have a couple of domain names that are up for renewal and today i got letters from some bunch calling themselves domain services or something trying to charge me 60 quid per name to renew them they aren t actual invoices but if you didn t know what was going on you would very likely pay them i wonder if this is actually legal and who i can, archive binge tv tropes - certain comic books such as action comics detective comics and batman have been running continuously for over 70 years their long history and continuity changes seem to be enough to prevent most people from doing full on binges but heaven help you if you say read a particularly interesting arc from fifteen or twenty years ago that crosses over into three or four different series, super deformed tv tropes - around 2009 kellogg dropped its don hertzfeldt inspired crazy good ad campaign for pop tarts toaster pastries in favor of made for fun which has super deformed cgi children along with far less deformed adults but then you realize that the kids heads are bigger than those of the adults and the only conclusion you can draw is that adults in this world don t eat pop tarts, results from form 1 of page harrow county guestbook htm - name chris atkinson email christopherdotatkinson43atntlworlddotcom years at school 19 19 date 24 apr 2016 time 11 06 55 comments perhaps the first step is to