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untouchable definition caste facts britannica com - untouchable untouchable in traditional indian society the former name for any member of a wide range of low caste hindu groups and any person outside the caste system, caste system in india wikipedia - the caste system in india is the paradigmatic ethnographic example of caste it has origins in ancient india and was transformed by various ruling elites in medieval early modern and modern india especially the mughal empire and the british raj it is today the basis of educational and job reservations in india it consists of two different concepts varna and jati which may be regarded as, about the great rajput s welcome 2 wajahat s world - jawaharlal nehru made mention of islam s mass appeal the impact of the invaders of the north west and islam on india had been considerable it pointed out and shown up the abuses that had crept up into hindu society the petrifaction of caste untouchability exclusiveness carried to fantastic lengths, zayn malik ethnicity of celebs what nationality - when i first saw him on x factor i thought he knew he was desi but i didn t think he would be half white his pakistani genes are strong, row over pranab attending rss hq former cong min asks him - former president pranab mukherjee accepting an invite from the rss to be the chief guest at a function at the sangh headquarters on june 7 snowballed into a row with, in defence of mahatma gandhi khurpi - karmanye thadani karmanye thadani is the consulting editor politics of khurpi hailing from new delhi he holds a law degree from the prestigious gujarat national law university gnlu ahmedabad, outlook india magazine latest news today news analysis - outlook india more than just a news magazine offers today s news top headlines videos photos and blogs on india politics world business cricket and bollywood besides hot topics and top, hand washing with soap and water programmes health - diarrhoea is the single biggest cause of infant and child mortality in india worldwide surveys have shown that hand washing alone reduces the instance of diarrhoea by as much as 43 percent, welcome to ambedkartimes com - the international commission for dalit rights icdr has organized the global march against caste discrimination in washington dc on the 21st june 2014, mahatma gandhi emergence as nationalist leader - mahatma gandhi emergence as nationalist leader for the next three years gandhi seemed to hover uncertainly on the periphery of indian politics declining to join any political agitation supporting the british war effort and even recruiting soldiers for the british indian army at the same time he did not flinch from criticizing the british officials for any acts of high handedness or