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polyhedron origami for beginners origami classroom - an innovative approach to origami craft polyhedron origami introduces you into a new world of many sided solid figures this book is a comprehensive collection of polyhedron origami from tetrahedron to icosahedron, marvelous modular origami meenakshi mukerji - marvelous modular origami meenakshi mukerji on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this richly illustrated book provides step by step instructions for the construction of over 30 different modular origami structures the author describes basic folding techniques required to construct the modules that are used as building blocks to construct complex ornamental models, paper models george w hart index - the no tab taping method here are step by step instructions for quickly making paper models as an illustration i am including pictures of this 53rd stellation of the icosahedron which i made recently however this model is not recommended for the inexperienced start with the platonic solids 1